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Bejeweled Game Review

Bejeweled, one of the most popular online puzzles is now available for PC and Mac. One of the main differences in this version is that it uses the Bejeweled word search technique. With this particular twist, players can enjoy a good number of different options to play with.

However, this particular version of the Bejeweled puzzle game is not for everyone. It requires that you have a keen eye and an efficient memory. If you are interested in trying this game, I highly recommend that you first check out some of the great hints that the game offers.

The Bejeweled game first started as a puzzle game. The concept was very simple: you had to create a matching set of pieces. This version of the game is different because it uses a random collection of letters to put together the pieces.

You can use all of the special characters in your own way, but you must be careful of the direction that you put the letters in. The letter combinations can either go right or left of any line on the board. The possibilities are unlimited, and this allows you to create any kind of set you want.


The goal is to create sets with numbers and letters that will all match or work together. In this particular game, you only need to know a couple of tips to get started. You should never start the game by trying to complete a piece, but rather, look around the board to figure out where the right pieces will be placed.

The best tip I can give you is to think about things like where you would normally place a piece in your real life. The next tip is to try to develop a short memory and remember where you placed the last piece that you completed. Once you get these two basics down, the rest should be fairly easy.

For those of you who are familiar with this game, you will probably find that there are more tips that will be helpful than just thinking about the board and the numbers on it. Here is one last hint that I always thought was extremely helpful. Try looking in the middle of the board to spot the special jewel.

Once you have located the jewel, the next tip is to play the game in the order in which the pieces are presented to you. For example, the jewels that are on the left side of the board will only show up if you place a piece on that row. These tips are very important when playing the Bejeweled game, so pay attention and take some time to learn them!