How do you determine the baseball glove size?

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How do you determine the baseball glove size?
August 2, 2023

The Importance of the Right Glove Size

Before I venture down the path of explaining how to determine the right baseball glove size, let's pause and reflect on the importance of wearing the correct glove size. Did you know that this vital piece of sports equipment can drastically affect a player's performance? Well, now you know, lads! A glove that’s too large can hinder your grip and control over the ball, while one that’s too small may result in discomfort and a restricted range of motion. Remember, the comfort of your hand is directly proportional to your fielding, catching, and throwing capabilities. Speaking from experience, having played a fair bit myself, I can vouch for how a glove that fits like a second skin can be a game changer, literally!

Understanding Glove Size

Before you nod off on me, wondering why you’re getting a science lesson instead of baseball talk, hang in there as this bit of knowledge is what stands between you and your dream glove! The glove size is measured from the heel of the glove (the bottom where your wrist sits) to the top of the glove (where tips of your fingers will be). It is measured in inches and often referred to as the 'pattern size' of the glove. If you get this part right, you're all set for some stellar baseball plays.

Finding Your Glove Size

Put on your detective hat, because it's time to discover your perfect glove size. The first step in your investigation is to measure your hand. Yes! You’ve got it right! It’s your hand that needs measuring, and not the glove. Repeat after me, we are NOT looking for Cinderella’s slipper here! Start from your index finger and go right down to your wrist, following the path your baseball glove would take. Now, ensure that you are doing a straight hand measurement and not including your thumb. No room for cheating! While my German Shepherd Brutus may be of no help here, measuring my hand always seems to pique the interest of my Siamese, Snowflake. She either believes she's contributing or she enjoys watching my struggle with the measuring tape!

Youth Vs Adult Sizes

Think that once you have your hand size, you're done? Not so fast, mate! Remember, we're in the world of baseball, and here it's not so straightforward as "one size fits all". Baseball gloves come in both youth and adult sizes. Youth gloves generally range from 9 inches to 12 inches, while adult gloves start from 12 inches and go up to even 15 inches for some positions. Guess it is the gloves' subtle way of saying age is not just a number!

Understanding Position-Specific Sizes

Baseball isn’t just about gloves fitting hands, but it's primarily about players fitting positions. From catchers, infielders, outfielders to pitchers, each position has its prescribed glove size range. For example, the catchers in your team can use gloves ranging from 30" to 34.5", while your pitcher pals, just like my friend Danny, usually prefer gloves ranging from 11.5" to 12.5". This level of specificity doesn't make shopping for gloves any easier, does it? But trust me, the right glove for your position can boost your performance and enjoyment on the field.

Breaking in a New Baseball Glove

Now that you have your perfect glove, it's time to break it in! Did you know a new glove is like a wild horse, it needs to be tamed before use? Unlike a wild horse, however, you don't need to mount it, but you do need to soften and reshape it to fit your hand perfectly and catch the ball with ease. Some players prefer the old school method of using oils, while others go for steaming or just a good old game of catch. My go-to method? I believe in the power of catch; it's helped me break in even the toughest of gloves!

Caring for Your Baseball Glove

Phew! Once you've found your perfect glove and broken it in, it's important to maintain it. Remember a glove is not just an accessory; it's the primary tool that can make or break your baseball game. Hence, regular cleaning and condition checks are the order of the day. Ensure it's stored properly when not in use. In my home, my gloves have their own special spot, right next to Brutus' play area. Regular checks for wear and tear and a good cleaning schedule can increase its longevity. So, take my word for it, loving and caring for your glove is just as important as choosing the right one.

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