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How to Play Threes – An Introduction

As you can probably guess, Threes is a puzzle game that is popular among a wide range of people. It was developed by Ludosity in 2020 and was initially released for the iPhone. However, the game has since been ported to Android and the iPad.

The game comes with an assortment of puzzles that can be played with two-player co-op. In the same vein, a number of online versions are available as well, ranging from the free versions to the paid versions. In all of these versions, there are many levels to choose from. You can choose the level that you think is the hardest so you can practice and get to know how the game works.

These games can also be played through the Internet by sending out letters to yourself and hoping you remember what each letter stands for and when it was sent. One thing to remember is that not every letter will send you a letter, so keep track of them and play through the game to try to find the ones that work.

Even with all of these resources available to players, however, there is still the option of playing the game offline if you choose to do so. You will not have to worry about being able to connect to the Internet if you do not want to or have a better connection. You will simply be playing the same level over again.

However, it is best to go ahead and start with the very first levels. By doing this, you will be able to get a feel for the game. This will give you an idea of how the puzzle game works.


The best way to play this game is actually to play it with other people. You can get together in order to play the game, whether it is alone or with others. Just be sure that you are always on the same page with your gaming partners sothat you can play as efficiently as possible.

Many people have played through the game with people who are using the same device that they are using. As a result, they have found the game to be pretty easy. So, even though playing through it with others might seem a little intimidating, it is very much worth it. It can certainly be a lot of fun and you may even find it to be much more interesting than you would have imagined!

Overall, Threes is a very simple puzzle game, but it can really be quite fun to play. This is because the puzzle games do not involve a large number of decisions that have to be made. They are more about timing and strategy than they are about logic and chance.